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August 15, 1999
Ritalin Protects User Against Drug Abuse?

Pharmacotherapy of Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Reduces Risk for Substance Use Disorder, Joseph Biederman, Timothy Wilens, et al. Pediatrics vol. 104, no. […]

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May 23, 1999
Does Taking Ritalin as a Child affect the Risk of Adolescent Drug Abuse?

"Does Taking Ritalin as a Child for Treatment of ADD Increase or Decrease Subsequent Risk of Adolescent Drug Abuse? Studies […]

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December 12, 1998
Questions Over the Large Scale Accuracy of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Limitations of Diagnostic Criteria and Assessment Instruments for Mental Disorders, DA Regier, et al, Archives of General Psychiatry, vol. 55 […]

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Through his books, Dr. Diller established himself as the leading expert on the controversies surrounding the use of psychiatric medications in children.

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