Remembering Ritalin

A Doctor and Generation Rx Reflect on Life and Psychiatric Drugs

In 1998, Dr. Lawrence Diller's controversial bestseller Running on Ritalin sparked a national debate about the ADHD diagnosis and the prescribing of drugs to our nation's kids. Today, Dr. Diller provides a revealing and equally controversial look at the long-term outcomes.

Revisiting former patients, who are now in their twenties, Dr. Diller takes a fresh look at the questions that led him to write his first book, which are even more relevant today:

  • When is ADHD a legitimate diagnosis and when is it an oversimplified, harmful label?
  • Does Ritalin lead to any good or bad long-term effects?
  • Has psychiatry been too quick to medicate-or overmedicate-kids?

Revisiting Together with his articulate, insightful former patients, Dr. Diller reveals insights into one of the most controversial treatment methods of our time.

RevisitingParents, professionals, and anyone who has been prescribed Ritalin will find these reflections illuminating and engaging and Dr. Diller's observations insightful and cogent as they delve into the healing process and answer the question, "How are they doing now?"

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