I found your Web site by typing in ADHD and requesting info for it. I hope you can answer some questions. My 8yr old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she about 5 yrs old, but we suspected something was wrong with her even when she was 6months of age. She would get really mad and throw herself to the ground and bang her head on any surface she happened to be near. Sometimes her face would swell or blood spots would appear on her forehead. We put up with it as long as possible until school started. .Kindergarten was OK, but the teachers noticed the same thing we did. Something was wrong.. Lots of anger, not paying attention, not being still , things like that. So first grade was the start of Ritalin. I have been told by her many psychiatrists( I hope thatís how to spell it), that she could be Bipolar Disorder. Do you think this could be possible? I certainly think so. My whole family is somewhat DYSFUNCTIONAL. I donít want her growing up being on meds all her life. But I do know some adults who are on Ritalin. Eventually Iíd like to see her on some kind of alternatives such as natural herbs. Iíve heard a lot about Ginseng, KavaKava, Grapeseed extract. Whatís your view on these? Our case is not unique but I would like a little feedback on this subject.

I don't know about your daughter's situation. Increasingly doctors are ready to call very difficult children "bipolar" and then prescribe medications with both potentially serious short and longterm side effects. The usual path is first to try Ritalin. Then another stimulant, then an SSRI like Prozac and if those donít work then something for Bipolar Disorder like Depakote or Lithium. To me it has less to do with what diagnosis as much as "nothing is working doctor." I know these situations are very difficult but I would strongly urge you to also work on your daughterís environment. Get family counseling directed to parental behavioral management training. Change schools. I donít know. I suppose if youíve tried all these things then moving to more risky cost/benefit medications may be worth a try.