We live in upstate NY and have a 7 year old son in a pre second grade. His teachers are trying to tell us that he may have ADD because he has a focusing problem. They say that he has problems sometimes following directions and may need to be told a second time how to do something. We have talked to my sonís doctor and she sayís that it does not sound like ADD to her. Why do so many schools seem to go right toward ADD when a child is having trouble in school ? Our son is a very calm child and gets along with other children in his age group and also older children. Could you give me any suggestions on how to deal with our school? Any ideas would be very helpful.


Make sure the school does an adequate learning evaluation especially for auditory processing problems which can look very much like ADD (kids donít get or remember what they hear-but itís not a "hearing" problem). See if you can get the teacher to monitor your son more closely and respond more quickly with rewards and consequences for his behavior and have her use less words. Moving him to the front of the room right near her is very important. If she still insists on ADD and youíre uncomfortable, talk to the principal and if heís not sympathetic look for another school. None of this rules out using Ritalin but no one should feel they have to put their kid on it justso he fits in with one teacher. I hope that is helpful. Good Luck.