Dr. Diller, I want to take issue with your statement that CHADD isn't selling anything. CHADD's statement that ADD/ADHD is a neurological disease is what they are selling. Also, I was under the impression that CHADD is funded by the drug companies making Ritalin, Cylert, etc. and that part of the Ritalin Nation explosion was due to this funding. I had read one article showing that in the late 80's or early 90's, large amounts of money were given to CHADD and that there is a direct correlation between this and the growth of ADD. Even though correlation is not causation, I found this to be rather compelling evidence. Drug companies like Ciba-Geigy do not hand out millions of dollars because they are nice guys. The pens and pads in your office were not given to you by drug companies because they thought you could not afford them. They are trying to sell something. I don't think you should consider CHADD to be an impartial source of info on ADD. Respectfully,

I certainly have my problems with CHADD too. However, I think some of your statements are misleading. When I say the CHADD site isn't selling anything -- I meant that literally. everyone has a right to their ideas. CHADD has simply followed the lead of the experts they've relied upon and indeed the majority of experts in the field promote a "neuorobiological" view of ADHD and in the process diminish all the other contributing factors to children's behavior. However, CHADD is not monolithic and there are many within the organization that are uncomfortable with the public stances the leadership has taken. On the local level, CHADD can provide valuable resource and advocacy support. CHADD did accept $900,000 from CIBA a few years back and did not make this public which was a grievous error for which they still suffer. I don't believe the contributions had a major influence on their position but did make the organization a much more effective lobbying organization. Those naive days are done. I find it odd defending CHADD. It's not a cult. It's got some major problems to work out. I'm willing to try to work with them because they represent so many families and they do have clout in Washington. I hope that doesn't sound too apologistic, but heck I take a moderate position so I get attacked by CHADD people and people like yourself. Must mean I'm doing something right.