Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

As a behavioral pediatrician in California for over twenty years I have evaluated children for ADHD and prescribed Ritalin. Beginning in the 1990s the great growth in rates of the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD led me to question my own role as a physician. To address my own professional ethical dilemmas I analyzed the social, cultural and economic factors involved in Ritalin use in America. My efforts became the basis for a book Iíve written on the subject.

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A Chat with Dr. Lawrence Diller

Moderator at 12:01pm ET Welcome Dr. Diller. Thank you for joining us today!
Dr. Lawrence Diller at 12:02pm ET I'm happy to address people's questions or comments. I understand that this is a sensitive subject, and feelings run strong on both sides of the question of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Ritalin. I hope that I can project a notion of a balanced view on the subject.

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Medicating Pippy

(First Appeared in the Los Angeles Times, December 27, 1999)

Pippy Longstocking just left my office on Ritalin. Of course thatís not her real name. Her name could be Kayley, Anna, Natalie or that of a half-dozen other girls I saw this week at my behavioral pediatrics practice in an affluent suburb east of San Francisco.

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