Out of Whack

The question, "Are we overmedicating our kids with psychiatric drugs?" was once again brought to our attention by a recent cover story in Time Magazine. I'll answer with another question, "How much more evidence do we need to decide something is terribly awry with our society and culture -- and especially with the way we address the behavior and performance problems of children?"

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A Hole in His Head

In the Bay area, the Barret Robbins affair continues to simmer. We are told that the Oakland Raider all-pro center missed the Super Bowl because he was suffering from bipolar disorder and had stopped taking his medication before the big game. Apparently this triggered a major depressive response which led to an alcoholic binge and the rest, as they say, is history -- a lopsided blow-out defeat for the Raider football team.

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ADHD: Real Disease or 'American Myth'

Presented in Italian to XIV Congresso Nazionale dell'Associazione Culturale Pediatri
(14th National Congress of the Cultural Pediatrics Association)

Rome, October 10, 2002
Thank you. Thank you very much for your very warm and generous introduction. You know, when Dr. Sarno first proposed this presentation to me earlier this year we debated whether it should be simultaneously translated which would be slower and more expensive than my giving the speech in Italian. I have a background of seven years of highschool and college French and then I studied Italian seventeen years ago when I last came to Italy with my wife. We spent seven weeks in your country. We had a wonderful time and speaking Italian made the trip so much more enjoyable.

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