Lawrence Diller's Statement to the FDA on March 22nd 2006

I am a behavioral-developmental pediatrician who has prescribed Ritalin and the other stimulants for nearly thirty years.  I have never been against medication.  Yet I applaud the courage of the previous advisory committee in broadening the discussion of the use of stimulants in our country beyond the cardiovascular consequences. 

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Antidepressants and Children's Depression

First published in the June 2005 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry

In October the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially announced it would require manufacturers of the SSRI and tricyclic antidepressants to add a black box warning label to the drugs' package information. This action closes the latest chapter on a decade long controversy involving the SSRIs. I attended both the February and September 2004 FDA hearings on the SSRIs and children's depression. During the meetings I was struck repeatedly by a message I heard from psychiatrists both on the expert panel and those testifying during the open public hearing section. Again and again I heard them say, "Don't take away the only thing we have to offer these kids."

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For the 'Ole Ball Game

At least one baseball tradition will continue with the announcement two weeks ago of Major League Baseball's new drug testing program -- the use of amphetamine to enhance the ball players' performance.

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