Palin Promises a Chicken in Every Pot – The Slow Cooked Death of Public Schools

Let me start by offending somebody right away when I say I'm a liberal from the Bill Clinton school of pragmatism -- like when Clinton decided to take on long overdue welfare reform.

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An Unselected Letter to the New York Times Magazine

The following letter was written to the New York Times Magazine in response to the article, "The Bipolar Puzzle," on children's bipolar disorder published on September 14, 2008. The letter was not selected for publication but I believe it remains of interest to readers of this website:

In my thirty years of practice as a behavioral-developmental pediatrician, of recent I regularly see children under the age of six whose worried parents have been told their children are bipolar. There have always been very difficult to manage, highly persistent, intense and sensitive children who test their parents' and other caregivers' authority.

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The Swimming Cure for ADHD?

Michael Phelps’ amazing Olympic triumph belies the notion of a chronic disorder

In the next view days you are certain to read more about Michael Phelp’s childhood including his being diagnosed with ADHD and treated with medication at age nine for two years. A front page New York Times piece on Michael today suggested the diagnosis when his third grade teacher, Mrs. Kines, was quoted in a recent letter to his mother, Debbie, as recalling Michael having “immense difficulties concentrating and sitting still” leading Mrs. Kines to wonder “if he would ever be able to focus on anything.”

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