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This essay first appeared in the Huffington Post on August 24, 2012:

Getting 'It' Into the New York Times

Yesterday a letter of mine was published in the print and Web editions of the New York Times. I had read an op-ed over the weekend, "Raising the Ritalin Generation," which had stimulated my letter. Click here to read the letter.

I thought it was a pretty good letter. Still the chances of getting a letter in the Times are pretty low. So when I received the call on Tuesday from the Times editor doing some fact checking on the letter and me, I was pretty pleased that a forum as prominent as the Times was willing to air my opinion.

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The Homework Pill

(First Appeared in the Huffington Post 6/5/12)

“Can you give me some Adderall that will help me get my homework done?” Joey, a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore asked me near the end of a meeting with his father and me. I was surprised by his request, but I shouldn’t have been – I’ve been prescribing drugs like Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta to children for over thirty years. Yet Joey’s request did catch me off guard because I had known Joey and his family for a dozen years for problems other than attention deficit disorder (ADD). He had always been an intense, persistent and socially awkward boy but now he wanted a medicine that could assist him in homework completion.

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100 Years Later - The Flexner Report Still Relevant

The centenary celebrations of the Johnson-Jeffries “fight of the century” which took place on July 4th, 1910 understandably overshadowed another event, arguably more important and relevant to Americans living today – the publication in June, 1910 of the Flexner Report on the state and reform of American medical education.

Abraham Flexner, working for the Carnegie Foundation at the behest of the American Medical Association (at that time a relatively weak organization) issued Bulletin No. 4 a few weeks before the Johnson boxing match.  Flexner had traveled across the country visiting each and every medical college in the U.S. that purported to offer a medical education.  The Flexner Report was a ringing condemnation of the state of most of the medical schools of the time and called for them to reform or close.

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