With the start of a new semester, parents of college students, especially those taking Adderall, should be on the alert.  Legally prescribed amphetamine in the form of Adderall has become ubiquitous on college campuses and in the more affluent high schools of our country.  The drug is ostensibly being used to treat adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or as it’s more generally known as attention deficit disorder (ADD).  Perhaps even more common is the illegal selling or trading of Adderall to students who have not been designated with ADD, especially at the end of a semester or during exam time.

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I Shrunk the Shrink and They Liked It

When I first began planning a personal/professional yearlong sabbatical in Melbourne, Australia I never expected that my experience with web-based telepsychiatry would profoundly change the way I treat children and their families.

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When Will We Be Able To Just Say No? America's Love Affair with Legal Amphetamine/USA Today Print Op-ED, May 13th, 2015

I've decided to create a new psychiatric disorder. Why not? Drug companies do it all the time.

Shire, which makes Adderall, won approval recently from the Food and Drug Administration to market its amphetamine drug, Vyvanse, for the treatment of BED. You haven't heard of it? Neither had many people, until Shire funded studies to get the binge eating disorder into the DSM-5 — America's official psychiatric bible of common life dilemmas translated into mental disorders. My disorder is called achievement anxiety disorder (AAD), and it explains the increasing reports of prescription amphetamine misuse most often in the form of Adderall abuse.

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