Dr. Diller quoted in Los Angeles Times article on ADHD

I was honored to be the "closer" (the last opinion cited in an article which is usually the opinion the reporter feels is the most relevant) in an article that appeared earlier this week in the Los Angeles Times on how increased digital media use may cause ADHD in teenagers.  Click on the link below to read the article.  Let me know what you think.


Dr. Diller Interview Excerpts from the Netflix Documentary “Take Your Pills”

Dr. Diller's Appearance on The Today Show for Take Your Pills

If you missed the live version of my appearance on the Today Show for the new Netflix documentary, Take Your Pills, you can click this link and watch the segment that in addition includes one of the executive producers, Maria Shriver: https://www.today.com/video/-smart-drug-abuse-is-focus-of-netflix-documentary-take-your-pills-1187536963956.