It is with considerable pride and pleasure that I announce the publication of my fourth book, Remembering Ritalin: A Doctor and Generation Rx Reflect on Life and Psychiatric Drugs to be released on May 3rd, 2011 by Perigee Press (an imprint of Penguin Books).  This work has been two years in the making.  To summarize,  I write about an impressionistic 13 year followup on 10 of the children (now ages 25-35) who were in my first book, Running on Ritalin.  They talk to me about their memories of their childhood,  treatment and current lives.  For much more on the book -- reading excerpts, early reviews, an author question and answer interview, and two videos go to You can also view the videos on youtube or vimeo by entering "rememberingritalin".  There will be a DVD available in about a month.  You can preorder the book from from the book cover to your left.  I will keep you posted as to any media coverage on the book or the topics I raise.  Of course tell your friends and post your initial impressions on your Facebook site.  I look forwards to hearing from you.

Full Day Conferences on ADHD in Seattle and Chicago

I will be giving full day presentations on ADHD/ADD in Seattle on December 17th and in Chicago on January 28th.  The title of the day is called "Getting a Grip on the ADHD Epidemic" which will include a Powerpoint presentation, live role play interviews and new videos of the young adults talking about their Ritalin experiences as children as featured in my forthcoming book Remembering Ritalin.  Get more information and sign up for either day by go to this link: and then typing in the title of the talk, the preferred state and then the search button.  For those of you doing very advanced planning I will be giving the same talk in San Francisco at the National Association of School Psychologists annual meeting February 25th (but you may have to sign up for the conference to attend).

June 28th Telephone Presentation - New Format!

I will be offering a presentation "Getting a Grip on the ADHD/ADD Epidemic" on June 28th at 11 am Pacific Time.  I will be speak for 70 minutes and then there will be a 20 minute question and answer period.   I will be using a new format for me -- telephone teleconferencing organized and presented by PESI.  You can learn more about this event and participate by going to