Book Review of Remembering Ritalin in Additude

My latest book, Remembering Ritalin, was recently reviewed in Additude Magazine.  To read the review go to

Chicago Tribune Chat on ADHD

The July 5th, 2011, Chicago Tribune Chat on ADHD is available to read in its entirety by going to,0,5686722.htmlstory

I was surprised and quite pleased on the questions asked and the wide range of topics covered.  A lot of information was exchanged in an hour.  Let me know what you think.

Diller on Irish Talk Radio Monday May 23rd

For the first time in over 15 years of media interface, Lawrence Diller, will be interviewed internationally live on Irish NewsTalk Radio on the Sean Moncrieff Show on Monday, May 23rd, 4 PM GMT or 8 am Pacific Daylight Time.  If you're local to Dublin, you know Irish NewsTalk Radio is between 106 and 108 FM.  Anyone else all over the world can hear the broadcast live or recorded through streaming on