Latest and Last Huff Post U.S. of Adderall Article

Check out Lawrence Diller's latest and last of a series of five essays on the United States of Adderall.   This one is called "Does America Really Have a Problem with Adderall Abuse?"  Click on and please leave a comment.

Lawrence Diller in the New York Times

I'm pleased that my comments from an interview appear today at the end of a New York Times article on the new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for the evaluation and treatment of ADHD/ADD.  In particular the article focuses on the new recommendations to use stimulant medication with children as young as four.  My comments are at the very end of the piece which suggest the reporter/editors wanted to leave the reader with my opinions at the very end.  I feel honored that they chose me.  Here's the link:

A Prescription for the ADHD Epidemic in the Huffington Post

Please check out my latest oped in the Huffington Post, the fourth of a planned five articles on ADHD/ADD/Adderall in the United States.  Click on: and please leave a comment if so motivated.