I've decided to expand the use of my website to include timely articles and news briefs that I think would be of general interest to those who are following docdiller.com.  I will put a link to the article and may add a comment or two.  The first one in this new series is from the New York Times by Gina Bellafonte: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/17/nyregion/coronavirus-nyc-schools-reopening-outdoors.html?searchResultPosition=3 on the history of outdoor learning for children.


I am quite concerned (as is the American Academy of Pediatrics)about the decision to continue with online learning only for children in the Bay Area for the new semester beginning in August.  Concerns about the transmission of Covid 19 must be weighed against another reality: the inability of most children under eight to benefit from online learning.  My sense (and I'm not sure there are studies) is that children will work much harder because of a personal connection to their teachers, which I just don't think can be developed in an online learning environment.  Even meeting the teacher just twice a week would make a huge difference. 


I respect the concerns and fears of teachers and public health officials, but I cannot understand why especially this summer outdoor learning wasn't included in the potential plans of most school districts.  It can get pretty warm in Contra Costa County in August and September but how much could erecting shade tents cost the school districts.  And virtually all schools have playgrounds where chairs, desks and tents could have been placed.  I dunno.  But I don't see Covid 19 going away anytime soon so alternatives to online learning should be reconsidered. 


Of course I expect vociferous comments to these additional editorial comments.  And you are welcome to make them through the contact Dr. Diller section of this website.