I am very pleased and proud to announce a series of presentations I am making in major cities in Australia next month:

  • Feb. 11th: Royal Melbourne Hospital, 12:30 PM, "The Sensible and Ethical Prescription of Psychiatric Medications to Children"
  • Feb. 13th: Adelaide (site to follow): 12:30 PM, "The Remembering Ritalin Project: Young Adults Recall ADHD and Medication Treatment"
  • Feb. 15th: Rivendell, Thomas Walker Hospital (Sydney): 1 PM, "The Sensible and Ethical..."
  • Feb. 19th: University of Sydney: Noon, "The Sensible and Ethical..."
  • Feb. 20th: Royal Children's Hospital (Brisbane): 7 AM, "The Remembering Ritalin Project..."
  • Feb. 22nd: The Mater Hospital (Brisbane): 10 AM, "The Sensible and Ethical..."

Most of these presentations will be open to the public but please check with the individual institutions.