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Should I Medicate My Child?

For over a decade I have offered limited free advice through my website in response to questions from parents from all over the world about their children’s problems with behavior or school performance but especially with regards to ADHD (ADD) and medication. Parents who question the ADHD (or other psychiatric diagnoses) for their children and or are reluctant to place their children on psychiatric drugs are particularly attracted to my point of view and perspective. My approach reflects nearly forty years of practice in behavioral/developmental pediatrics with nearly 4000 children.

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Answers to your Questions

I am looking for advise on how to handle a current situation occurring within the school which my 8 year old son attends. We live in rural Pa. and last year my son was diagnosed ADD. The doctor prescribed Ritalin and the teachers claimed to see an improvement in the class however during the summer months I opted to take him off Ritalin because I did not see any difference. The start of the new school year came and my son came home from school one day and ate an entire pack of Rolaids.(I found the empty wrapper). I asked him why he would do such a thin and he said that his guidance councilor had told him that he would need to take pills again this year so he thought he would take them himself.

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