Should I Medicate My Child?

For over a decade I have offered limited free advice through my website in response to questions from parents from all over the world about their children’s problems with behavior or school performance but especially with regards to ADHD (ADD) and medication. Parents who question the ADHD (or other psychiatric diagnoses) for their children and or are reluctant to place their children on psychiatric drugs are particularly attracted to my point of view and perspective. My approach reflects nearly 35 years of practice in behavioral/developmental pediatrics with nearly 3500 children.

The Way Forward

I insist on a father’s participation (whenever possible) in the evaluation and treatment program. I make certain a minimal educational/developmental assessment of the child has taken place. I am committed to first thoroughly exploring non-drug interventions (primarily behavioral and educational) before prescribing medication. I am deliberate and thoughtful in my use of psychiatric medications for children – however, I believe they can be quite useful at least in the short term, in helping children and families cope. In the last several years I have received feedback from parents outside the local area that this perspective and my advice have been invaluable to them in helping navigate the confusing and treacherous shoals of ADHD (psychiatric) diagnosis and treatment for their children. I have also been able to provide second opinions and consultation to ongoing treatments and have participated in school meetings in other states via speakerphone. Parents have very much appreciated these interventions.

The First Step

Therefore I am now offering 60 minute telephone/Skype consultations to parents who live outside the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday mornings from 8 am to noon (Pacific Time). Please call my office at (925) 945 6060 to learn more about the process and fees involved. I will return your call usually within the day.

Contact Me

You can reach me at my office at:

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