Say It Ain't So Joe

On Psychology Today's blog. June 14, 2008

Most parents have never heard of him but Joseph Biederman, head of Harvard's Massachusetts General Child Psychopharmacology Clinic, may be the most influential doctor when it comes to determining whether or not children are normal or mentally ill in America.

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Misguided Standards of Care - Boston Globe Op-ed

June 19, 2007

As a doctor, I did the nearly unthinkable at a recent conference on bipoloar disorder in children. I charged another doctor with moral responsibility in the death last December of Rebecca Riley, a 4 -year-old girl from Hull.

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A Spank Can Work When Time Out Fails

(First originally appeared on 1/25/07 in the San Francisco Chronicle)

Legislation proposed by Assemblywoman Sally Lieber that would make spanking a child under age 4 illegal has set off a maelstrom of reactions, mostly negative, from across a wide spectrum of state officials and the man/woman on the street.

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